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The ultimate Viking VR Game! 

Defend your village, seek revenge, and lay siege to rival Vikings in the Viking Planet’s new virtual reality game; FERÐ.

Our game is an exciting and challenging experience intended for everyone twelve years and older. FERÐ can be accessed by either purchasing our combination ticket or a separate gaming ticket.


Don’t miss out on the Viking Ship Museum! 

The world-famous Viking Ship Museum is currently closed and is scheduled to reopen as the Museum of the Viking Age in 2026.

This does not mean you have to miss out, though! Our Viking Ship Exhibition hosts a digital walk-through of the former museum, allowing you to experience the old museum, including the Oseberg and Gokstad ships. The exhibition also includes interactive 3D files of some of the most prominent artefacts from their collection.

These models are on loan from The Museum of the Viking Age, University of Oslo.


Experience a Viking ambush! 

Thanks to ground-breaking virtual reality technology, you can now step back more than a thousand years to the western coast of Norway and be part of a Viking ambush in our twelve minute experience.

In collaboration with Ridley Scott Associates and the UK’s Dimension Studio, the Viking Planet proudly presents the world’s first scripted drama produced in virtual reality using volumetric capturing; The Ambush. We recommend being at least twelve years of age before experiencing the film.


Discover the Viking Age in an entirely unique way!

Experience the natural beauty of Norway and various aspects of day-to-day life during the Viking Age in our 270° cinema. Our one-of-a-kind film uniquely combines traditional cinematic storytelling with innovative cinematography.

The film is twelve minutes long and runs four times an hour.


Learn about the Viking Age in a wider context!

Our film, Norvegr, takes you through time, exploring the digital age and the resurgence of Early Medieval Scandinavian culture and storytelling in contemporary entertainment.


Come face-to-face with life-sized Holograms!

Combining a century old illusion technique with cutting-edge projector technology, guests can meet life-sized holograms face-to-face. Our holograms are based on archaeological evidence and present over twenty individuals of various social statuses within the Viking Age, displaying the armour and fashion of their time.



Share your time at the Viking Planet with your friends!

Our innovative selfie-station allows you to choose from a vast array of captivating Viking-themed backgrounds from our image archive. Whether you seek the grandeur of a Viking ship, the otherworldly charm of the Northern Lights or a Nordic landscape, the choice is yours!

Strike a pose, unleash your inner warrior, and snap the perfect selfie. Your selfie can be shared with friends and family via social media or via SMS!


Explore some of the most important events of the Viking Age!

Discover the Viking Age at your own pace. Through texts, short films and interactive 3D artefacts, our timelines allow you to explore notable events as well as the exploits of some of the most renowned Vikings.


Discover some of the most crucial battles of the Viking Age!

While the Viking Age was a transitionary period where handicrafts, poetry and technological innovation flourished, it is also widely recognized as a time of great violence.

This interactive experience allows you to explore some of the most notable battles waged by the Vikings and will provide insight on weapons employed by Vikings and some of the strategies they utilized in combat.



Learn about Old Norse culture and society!

Discover ship building techniques, uncover the secrets of some of the various gods and goddesses in Old Norse mythology and learn about gender roles during the Viking Age in an interactive experience.

Are you fascinated by the creatures that appear in Old Norse mythology? We are too! Learn about some of the many creatures from Old Norse mythology and regional folklore.


Explore interactive 3D artefacts and other objects! 

Explore some of the most iconic objects from the Viking Age like a longship, nasal helmet and even the famous Dannevirke in our 3D gallery.

These can additionally be found on our free app!


Find your own artefacts to remember your time at The Viking Planet!

Whether it’s a leather-bound book, a battle-ready helmet, a replica Viking sword, or even a magnet for your fridge, our souvenir store is packed with unique items that will make the perfect keepsake!