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In June 2019, we opened our doors to the public in Oslo, becoming the world’s first digital Viking Age Museum. Since then, another Viking Planet has opened in Haugesund with many more to come worldwide!

The Viking Planet Oslo is a digital portal to the Viking Age and by using the technological tools and entertainment devices of tomorrow, we offer our guests a wide selection of unique experiences and exhibitions centred around the Viking Age. Regardless of your knowledge about Vikings, our unique technology and exhibitions make the Viking Planet an attractive adventure for tourists, social outings, and school groups.

The Viking Planet is proud to receive financial support from the City of Oslo based on innovation and contribution to the culture in Oslo.

An Inclusive Experience

To ensure that our guests can experience our content to the fullest, no matter what country they come from, our films and exhibits are available in twelve languages. Additionally, the entirety of our premise is wheelchair accessible.

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Erik Gustavson

Content Production 

Our different productions have been co-produced with the best talent from across the world to ensure that our guests receive first class experiences. These partners include Ridley Scott Associates, Dimension Studios and M7Virtual.

Erik Gustavson, one of Norway’s most celebrated directors, has been responsible for directing all films and content at The Viking Planet. Mr. Gustavson has been awarded several Amanda Awards, Norway’s equivalent of the Academy Awards, for various feature films such as Herman, Telegrafisten and Sofies Verden.

Kim Hjardar – Photo by Fartein Rudjord

Historical Accuracy

To ensure that our experiences are as historically accurate as possible, The Viking Planet has worked alongside author and Viking historian, Kim Hjardar. Mr. Hjardar has been instrumental in overseeing the design of buildings, weaponry, clothing, and the longships that appear in our content.

Some of our experiences are dramatized but are based on knowledge acquired through archaeological finds and Old Norse literature.

The opening of the Viking Planet Oslo.

Being able to come face to face with digital Vikings and experience what it was like to live as a Viking 1000 years ago, was no small feat to achieve. To commemorate this monumental occasion, we had a sword delivered from Avaldsnes, the location of King Harald Fairhair’s primary royal estate, upon horseback for our ribbon-cutting ceremony on 20th of June 2019.

The sword was dubbed Augvaldsbaune, in honour of King Augvald of Karmøy, a semi-legendary king portrayed in the Legendary Sagas. To ensure that Augvaldsbaune arrived in Oslo safely, Per Eisten Prøys-Røhjell (also known as Pelle), was tasked with its delivery.After receiving the sword from the mayor of Karmøy, Jarle Nilsen, Pelle rode across Norway for four days. Escorted by Viking guards, he rode through the city of Oslo and presented the sword to the Viking Planet’s CEO, Rasmus Ramstad.