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VR Game

VR Game

Now you can fight against other Vikings in our new Virtual Reality game. The game has three
different levels, and you fight with swords and bow & arrow. An exciting and challenging
game for everyone 12 years and older. The game can be accessed by purchasing our combination ticket or by purchasing a separate game ticket.

Viking Ship Exhibition

Viking Ship Exhibition

Now you can experience many of the most important objects from the Viking Ship Museum, including the Oseberg and Gokstad ships, as well as many pieces of jewelry and wooden objects interactively in 3D.
These models are on loan from The Museum of the Viking Age, University of Oslo.

VR Experience

Onboard a Viking Ship during Battle

Through groundbreaking Virtual Reality technology, you can now step back more than a thousand years to board a Viking ship and be part of a Viking ambush on the west coast of Norway. In collaboration with Ridley Scott Creative Group and the UK’s Dimension Studio, The Viking Planet presents the world’s first scripted drama produced in virtual reality using volumetric capture. The 12-minute film called “The Ambush” won prize for best VR production 2019 in the UK.
Note: the VR experience is not recommended for those under 12.

270-degree Cinema

Vikings in Their Natural Habitat

Experience SagaScope — a 270-degree cinema with compelling original Viking content and experiences. This epic 12-minute film runs four times an hour continuously as an installation where the audience can enter and exit the venue freely. Feel the spirit of the Vikings combined with spectacular nature and harsh environments.


The Cinema

This film is a fact-based account placing the Viking Age in the context of European history. The Viking Age began in the late eighth century and lasted until a gradual transition into the Christian faith was completed some three hundred years later. Ultimately this film takes a time travel to leap from the Futhark alphabet and the times of the Viking runes — into the digital age and the resurgence of Viking culture and storytelling in contemporary entertainment.

The Hologram Theatre

Full man-size living holograms

The Hologram Theatre employs a hundred-year-old visual trick called Pepper’s ghost. Here you will meet full man-size living holograms. With cutting edge projector technology we bring Vikings back from the tenth century to materialize and appear in 3D on a catwalk at The Viking Planet, displaying the fashion and the clothing tradition of their time.

The Selfie Zone

Share it on your Social Media

A wall-mounted screen offering motifs from The Viking Planet image archive, enabling the user to select whatever Viking universe visual setting they prefer as a background for their Selfie. The Selfie is sent back to the user’s mobile device right away, to an e-mail address, or can be shared on Instagram.

Viking Timeline

Important events in the viking age

Explore the four centuries of the Viking Age from 710 to 1066. You can steer your own course through texts and images, films and interactive 3D objects. Explore the Vikings’ lives and exploits, from the time they first sailed out into the world until the point where they discovered America.  Get to know the most important Viking rulers.

Viking Wars

The most important battles of the vikings

The Vikings fought hundreds of battles in the Viking Age, in search of honor, wealth, land and power. This interactive experience allows you to be on site in some of the most important battles. Pictures and movies, animated maps and dioramas will give you an insight into the weapons and strategies of the Viking warriors, their enemies and alliances and their victories and defeats.

The Viking Windows

Interactive exploring

Explore the Viking Age in a new way with our interactive experiences. Here you can build your own Viking ship and travel on conquest, settlement cruise or trade trip. Explore women’s clothing and roles in the Viking Age. Learn about the gods and beliefs of the Vikings. Examine the Vikings’ weapons, clothing, and tools they used as warriors.

3D Gallery

3D Gallery

Explore iconic Viking Age objects like the longhouse, the Viking ship, the helmet and the ring fort in our 3D gallery. The objects from the 3D gallery are also on our App.

The Viking Store

The last stop on your Viking Planet journey

Do you want a viking souvenir? In our Viking shop you will find a good selection with everything from fridge magnets, clothes, books exclusive jewelry, and exclusive viking replica items.